Nakasendo Walk

Touch the heart of Japan


Nakasendo is about 500km long, therefore, access is various.
Please choose the starting point, before checking the access.
Following points are common as a starting point.

  1. Access to Magome Tsumago Trail
    1. We recommend to start from Magome.
      1. From JR Nagoya Station, get a traind heading to Nakatsugawa (local) or to Matsumoto(Ltd Express) of Chuo line.
    2.  Get off the train at Nakatsugawa Station, 1hr 10min or so from Nagoya in local train, Ltd Express will take you to JR Nakatsugawa Station in 50 min.
    3. There is only one ticket exit at Nakatsugawa Station.  In front of the station exit, there is a bus terminal on your left hand with 5 platforms for the different distination.
    4. Go to Platform 3, with “Magome” description with brown color.
    5. Tickets are available at the Tourist Information, in the building of the above picture. (left side of the station exit.)
  2. Access to Mitono-Nojiri
  3. Access to Yabuhara-Narai


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